The Journey

Part 2


What I have learned so far:


  1. What you put in your mouth does matter.  it not only effects your body, it also effects so many other things: your energy level, your overall mood, your desire to move forward and more

  2. Water is a must, if i havent drank enough water, then work out, I know it immediately.  Water coming in is a must...and more of it

  3. Excuses make you weak, make you lose focus, make it easier to not push play or not get off the couch.

  4. My kids are more active when I am more active.  They want to work out or watch me work out when I do it.  It is important to keep going for them

  5. I am proud of what i have accomplised and know what i have to do to get better.

Goals for the next 6 Months:


  1. Push play or have at least one physical activity for 25 minutes or more each day.

  2. Complete T25 and 21 Day fix.  But not just complete...Own it.  Do it until I get it right. 

  3. Never Push stop...always finish, even if I have to modify, there is no reason to stop (except maybe a  broken bone)

  4. Reduce my pants size from a 40 to a 36.

  5. Get ready to run the Jamison Kampmeyer Memorial 5K in July. 

  6. Complete 2 Firefighter workouts per week with the group.

  7. Dont put anything in my mouth that wont help my body feel good or raise my energy level. 

  8. Own my successes, but realize that even with sucess, there is still work to do.  This is not a fad but a life change.